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Top 3 Redfish Flies for Beaufort, SC

Top 3 Redfish flies for the Low Country around Beaufort, SC

Creek redfish with a fly in its mouth

In the world of fly fishing, there are so many decisions to make. Where are we going to go? What species are we going to target? What gear do we need? What kinds of flies should we throw?

These days all fly shops have an incredible selection of the latest and greatest flies available. Many flies are tied to catch the fisherman, not the fish. When I am choosing flies to use to catch redfish, whether I am tying them or buying them, I want something simple and easy.

I am more concerned about the weight of the fly, the size of the fly, and the color of the fly. When it comes to the best flies for redfish in the Low Country of South Carolina, here is what you need for flies in your box:

Razmataz Redfish Fly

1. Razmataz

One of my year round favorites is Raz Reid’s Razmataz fly. This fly imitates a shrimp really well, but looks enough like a baitfish or crab to get the job done when that is what you need.

You really can fish this in the warmer months on the flood tide flats or all through the colder months for low tide belly crawling fish.

For the summer, I like to tie mine a little bigger and with small lead eyes. For the winter, I like to size it down a tad and use medium bead chain eyes.

Boyles Swamp Fox Redfish Fly
Boyles Swamp Fox

2. Boyles' Swamp Fox

My second favorite fly for the Low Country is Josh Boyles’ Swamp Fox (particularly in the electric chicken combo). This fly can also be fished year round.

I find it to be one of my go to flies in the spring and summer. It has great movement being stripped or sitting still.

The electric chicken color combo is great when you need to get the fish’s attention and really standout.

The store bought version of these is great, but when I tie my own, I really like these with a large bead chain for the eyes.

Drum beater redfish fly
Scotty D's Drum Beater

3. Scotty D's Drum Beater

Last but not least is Scotty D’s Drum Beater. This fly is an absolute must have in your box for any flood tide fishing here in the Low Country. I’m sure this pattern is equally successful in other situations, but it is the first thing I grab for tailing redfish.

Olive and pink is the classic and works great, but I also really like these in the black and purple combo.

If you are going to tie your own, use at least small lead eyes, if not some medium lead eyes. You want this fly to sit on the bottom. Ideally you cast it in the path of a tailing redfish and let the tail of the fly move around. If you need to, give it a small twitch to get the fish’s attention and then let the fish find it ,and tail up on it, before you set the hook.

If you stock your fly box with these three flies in different weights and sizes, you will be prepared for any season or situation to catch redfish in the Low Country around Beaufort, SC.

If you want to see these flies in action, book a trip with Indigo Fishing Charters! Give Capt. Jon a call to set up your next fishing adventure in Beaufort, SC at 770-826-0966!


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