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Top 3 Cobia Flies for Beaufort, SC

Best flies to successfully catch a Cobia inshore!

It's that time of year again! Spring is here. The air and water temps are warming and the baitfish and seasonal pelagic species are starting to show up!

Here in Beaufort, SC we have a rare phenomenon that occurs where cobia come inshore to spawn. This gives us a unique opportunity to sight fish these big, strong fish with a fly rod!

If you are going to target cobia on the fly on your own or on a guided trip with Indigo Fishing Charters, these are the top 3 flies you want to have in your box.

a man holding a cobia on a skiff

1. Peacock Reducer 3/0

peacock reducer fly for cobia

  • The Peacock Reducer is one of the most popular go to flies I have in my box for cobia season.

  • The deer hair head pushes water so the cobia can feel the fly with their lateral line as they cruise on the surface.

  • It also has enough flash to grab their eye on a nice sunny day.

2. Flashtail Whistler in Red/White 3/0

flashtail whistler fly for cobia

  • I really like these Flashtail Whistlers because they suspend perfectly when being retrieved. With the larger beadchain eyes, they sit slightly lower in the water column than the other two flies.

  • If I am getting cobia to follow my fly but not fully commit, I like to tie one of these on to get around 8-10 inches deeper. I find this sometimes can be the difference in a follow and getting that cobia to eat!

3. Jungle Junkie Fire Tiger 4/0

Jungle Junkie fly for cobia

  • The Jungle Junkie is big and VERY flashy! When we have bright sun, this is bound to get the attention of a free swimming cobia!

  • If you can get this fly close to a cobia, it catches their attention very well.

  • Cobia are very curious fish by nature, and this fly often capitalizes on that curiosity. If curiosity killed the cat, curiosity catches the cobia.

cobia hooked on fly in the water

Other Cobia Fly Options

  • While these 3 flies are my go to flies, do not be afraid to experiment. Any fly that is relatively large (1/0 or bigger) and flashy will do the trick.

  • Cobia are not particularly picky. When buying or tying flies for cobia, play with the color, size and sink rate. Usually you want something that will suspend in the first 12-18 inches of the water column. Have fun with the fly design here!

If you are interested in chasing come cobia this spring in to the summer months, give me a call and book a charter with Indigo Fishing Charters!

(770) 826-0966

Capt. Jon Gore


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