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How to Dress for Winter Flats Fishing

The old saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear” applies well here. During the winter months in Beaufort the fishing can be outstanding, but how should you prepare to handle the weather? Layers are the secret. 

running a skiff in the winter

Temperatures/ Conditions

During the winter, the temperatures can vary greatly day to day. We can have 70 and sunny and the next day can be 40 and cloudy.

When you are out on the water and in the wind, it can often feel a few degrees colder than it does on land.

There is plenty of room on the boat to store unused layers, so bring at least one more layer than you think you need. 

What to wear for Winter conditions

On an average winter day of fishing, I typically wear thicker work pants (I really like the Kuhl Law pants), a merino wool buff, a sun hoody, a light mid layer, and a thicker fleece or hoody for when we run the boat spot to spot.

When it is really cold (40s or lower) I will add Simms bibs, gloves, a beanie, and a larger jacket like a down jacket.

I understand most people do not have bibs. A couple alternatives would be long johns under your pants, or even waders without wading boots.

The main thing is cutting down on wind when we are running the boat. Even a rain jacket over your outer layers can go a long way to block the wind and keep you warm. If you have darker color outer layers, the sun will also help keep you warm. 

winter redfish

How is the Winter fishing?

While most people prefer to fish when it is warm, you can be rewarded if you are willing to have the right gear and get out there. There is usually significantly less boat traffic on colder days, and the fishing can still be really good (see our blog post about winter fishing)!

Pro tip: rubber band a hand warmer on the inside of your wrist to keep the blood going in and out of your hands warm. Layer up and let's go find some fish! 

If you have any more questions about how to dress or prepare for winter time redfishing, give Capt Jon a call at 770-826-0966!


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