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Cobia Fly Invitational 2024

Forth Annual invitational cobia fly fishing tournament

It's that time of year again and Capt. Kyle Morella and I were locked in for another year of the Cobia Fly Invitational.

The tournament is 30 boats, fished over two days, and your two biggest fish in length are what matter.

As per usual, we had to deal with less than ideal conditions for one of the days and that day was Friday this year.

We were dealing with 20 plus mile per hour winds and dodging a thunder storm (which we had to hangout under a bridge for about a hour to avoid the lightening).

skiff cobia fishing in rough conditions

Keeping with our tradition, I fished the first day and Capt. Morella was going to fish the second day. We didn't want to change much having placed second the last two years, and we were hoping for that elusive first place this year.

Cobia fishing with a fly rod can be tough, and the first day was no exception. When it comes together though, it is an absolute blast to land a nice cobia with a fly rod!

guy holding cobia caught with a fly fishing

By the end of Friday, it was still very windy, but we got a little bit of sun and I was able to land two 29" cobia to get us on the leaderboard!

Saturday- Day 2

After the first day of fishing, we were in second place going in to the second day. It was a great place to start off, but the next day weather was going to be really good and anything could happen!

slick day on the water with jellyfish on a skiff

The weatherman got it right for once and the weather was great Saturday and the jelly balls were out in full force.

Capt. Morella got us on the board with a great 41" cobia to bump off one of my 29" cobia from Friday

man holding big cobia on a skiff

Saturday ended up being a phenomenal day of fly fishing for cobia! We had a number of shots at cobia cruising on the surface close to the boat and we ended up landing 3 fish Saturday!

fly fishing for cobia

Awards Ceremony

We had a great time enjoying the nice weather and great fishing Saturday, but we knew other people had seen and caught fish throughout the day. Going in to the awards ceremony this year, we really did not know what to expect. We fished hard both days and ended up with a very respectable 80" between our two biggest fish!

Capt. Morella and I ended up taking home second place for the third year in a row! Obviously, we would have loved to get first, but at least we are consistent!

2nd place in fishing tournament

Thank you to everyone who organized the tournament. This tournament is to promote and support the Port Royal Sound Foundation which does a lot of great work throughout our estuary.

Congrats to all the anglers In the tournament as well!

This year most people at least saw cobia and 15 cobia were reported to be caught. Of which, Capt. Morella and I caught 5.

If you are Interested In trying to catch a cobia with a fly rod, give me a call at 770-826-0966 or book a trip with me through my website. I would love the opportunity to show you this unique part of our Inshore fishery!

cobia with fly in its mouth

Thanks for reading and following along!

-Capt. Jon Gore

(770) 826-0966


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