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Beaufort, South Carolina Fishing Report - December

Fishing here in Beaufort, SC has been pretty good in December so far! We have had some absolutely gorgeous days and some that have been a little colder with a little more wind. With the weather back and forth between the two, fish are not quite schooled up super tight. The incoming cold front will probably change that, but we will have to wait and see. Lately we have been seeing loose schools on certain open flats and creeks around the low tides, but also still seeing singles and doubles cruising as well. These singles and doubles tend to be a slightly larger size class than the schools as of right now. On those warmer sunny days, don't discount looking for redfish floating in the grass as well.

Flood tide fishing for redfish in Beaufort, SC
Capt. Rob hooked up on a tailing redfish

For fly fishing, I have had luck on numerous different patterns and colors. Anything from electric chicken, to black and purple, to more natural colors. Mostly I have been changing flies with whatever corresponds to that days light and water clarity conditions. For light tackle, I seem to have had the most success with a Z-Man PaddlerZ in Redbone (a winter time favorite of mine) as well as a few different colors of VuDu Shrimp. I really like those Vudu shrimp or a ned rig for the spookier fish.

We do have a pretty crazy cold front coming in for Christmas weekend, but I imagine this will get those fish schooled up pretty tight for some exciting winter time low tide fishing for New Years through the next few months!

I do have some availability left for some really good low tide dates in January and February. If you're interested in experiencing some of the wonderful inshore fishing Beaufort, SC has to offer in the winter, grab a guided fishing trip with Indigo Fishing Charters!

Best of luck to you all and hope you get some time on the water through the holidays!

-Capt, Jon Gore

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