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Beaufort, SC Fishing Report- February

Inshore Fishing Report for February in Beaufort, SC

kid holding a redfish he caught in beaufort, sc
Missing 2/3 of his tail didn't stop him from crushing Brooks' paddle tail

The fishing here in Beaufort has been pretty good lately! We are seeing higher than average temperatures (air and water temps) for this time of year which seems to have the fish moving around a little more than most Februarys in recent years. We have had some pretty windy days this month, but water clarity has still been pretty good and the fish are still schooled up.

When you're looking for fish this time of year, slow it down a bit. Often times we are seeing one to five satellite fish right before we find the larger school. With the wind it can be more difficult to see these schools pushing around, so look for a color change, muds, and flashes to help you find these redfish.

Both fly fishing and spin tackle have been doing very well. However, do not be afraid to leave a school of fish if they are not cooperating to go find a school of fish that are happier and more willing to eat. Winter time is a great time to scout new spots around low tide with the clearer water and fish schooled up. Don't be afraid to try somewhere new!

man caught a big wintertime redfish inshore in beaufort, sc
Scott with a healthy winter time redfish

Best of luck out there and remember, we are all out here to have fun!

-Capt Jon Gore


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